Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Beckham's Bunny "Nummies"

Beckham saw a rabbit in our yard the other day and everyday since has asked to "see bunny." We decided to put out "bunny food"(aka carrots) to try to attract them. No luck yet, but he keeps ask, "check bunny?" before looking out the window.


GUNNY said...

We have many bunnies in our yard all the time, but they're dumb as can be.

I'll put out lettuce, bread, and/or carrots and I've seen them walk right past, whether the food was in a bowl or not.

Still, the kids enjoy the critters.

Mark and Missy said...

I think it is time to buy the boy a bunny!!!!

Hough said...

Don't you remember what happen to the pink or green chicken Ben gave Amanda? It ended up at my house as an adult and my parents wouldn't let me cook it.

Mark and Missy said...

Well, now you'll have a little boy crying his eyes out if you tried to cook his bunny...I think that is motivation enough to not want to kill one of our ALMIGHTY GOD's PRECIOUS CREATURES!!! ;)

I had a bunny when I was little. Her name was Suzy Q.

Hough said...

What did the Q stand for?