Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bum Bum Dances

Beckham asked Laura to play the toy piano today so that he could dance. I ran to get the camera. Below is the dance and a remix I made.

The Bum Bum

The Bum Bum Remix


Mark and Missy said...

Ok, when I went to check your blog, I was just going to watch yesterday's video wonderful that there was another entertaining video!!!

Love Y'ALL (
sorry about the previous slip, I won't let it happen again. Stupid Maryland)

Mark and Missy said...

I forgot to compliment Brian on his video editing skills to make the remix. I'm extremely impressed. We'll be sending videos of our babies to you to fix the videos and make them more entertaining.


Seawolf Parkway said...

So this is what newly ordained Pastors do? What with the college, seminary, exams, and training? Sounds awesome!