Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Corn on the Pot

Laura conducted an interview with Beckham while he sat on the toilet the other day. Becks does some serious thinking on the great white throne.


Mark and Missy said...

Becks is so adorable! Thanks for putting a video of him on the blog so that all of us that live SO FAR AWAY can get to know him a little bit! Love you all.

Reepicheep said...

1. This is a shameless plug to get the grandparents to up Beckham's inheritance.

2. While I can't exactly place why, there is something just a bit off kilter interviewing a kid while he's trying to take care of important business.

3. The Can is clearly a place of deep thinking for the Hough clan?

Kyle said...

An bathroom interview with a toddler is a brilliant idea. I am already planning to use this with my hypothetical future children.

Glad to find your blog. I didn't realize you had a child who could talk. Crazy.